We give people the freedom to bank differently.

At ZYNLO, it’s less about fitting into an idea of what a bank is, but rather, what a bank can be.

We’re all-digital, which means we’re free to offer experiences traditional brick and mortar banks simply can’t. Like faster ways to build savings, earlier access to paychecks1, and rewards on debit card purchases. And with all deposits fully insured by the FDIC and DIF, customers can feel good about their finances by banking the way they want to bank. 

The FDIC insures all deposits up to $250,000 per depositor, and because we are a mutual bank headquartered in Massachusetts, all deposit amounts above the FDIC limit are insured in full by the Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF). This unlimited coverage protects ALL of your deposits with PeoplesBank.

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1-844-ZYNLOBANK (1-844-996-5622)

Unbeatable rewards, incredible customer service.
I didn’t think I’d ever have fun banking.
Lets me live more and worry less.

It’s time to upgrade the way you bank.

It’s time to upgrade the way you bank.

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